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Pineywoods Cattle Foundation is a nonprofit focusing on advocacy of endangered farm animals Pineywoods Cattle and the breeders who raise them.  Scroll down to sign up for the newsletter or follow us on social media to follow our progress..

Conservation, education and promotion of this rare cattle breed is at the heart of our mission.

Our mission:

  1. Breed conservation

    • Broaden the scope of outreach to established and new farmers and relay the benefits of raising Pineywoods

  2. Production and marketing

    • Build community strategies for producing and marketing Pineywoods products (breeding stock, beef, milk, horns/hides, oxen, semen)

    • Promote Pineywoods Heritage Beef

  3. Public education and outreach

    • Ensure the access to a wide variety of Pinewoods information and resources

    • Continually innovate new ways to educate livestock producers and the public on the benefits of Pineywoods

    • Establish key partnerships with businesses and organizations to provide value added services to Pineywoods Cattle breeders in order to further Pineywoods conservation and increase commercial profitability of Pineywoods products

Watch the cuteness unfold as this Pineywoods calf tries to get a drink of milk but it's mamma won't stand still! It's persistence finally pays off!

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