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The History

Pineywoods Cattle are descendants of cattle brought to the new world by Spanish explorers in the early 1500. .

Ships logs of confirm cattle being brought to La Española, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands from the Canary Islands and DNA samples taken from cattle teeth dating to the 1600's found in Florida have traced Pineywoods ancestry to cattle in the Andalusian region of south western Spain.


The crossings from the Canary Island took about 2 months and could be brutal. If the winds did not blow just right the journey would be extended and animals would often be thrown overboard to conserve water.

Having resided in the south eastern United States for 500 years, the breed is very heat tolerant and  is disease and parasite resistant and have strong mothering abilities.


Infographic of Pineywoods Cattle

Image of 3 year old Pineywoods cow Peaches used with permission of Dan Routh Photography

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